Thursday, December 2, 2010

Food Review: Stackers @ Resorts World Manila

Been to Stacker's last week after watching Harry Potter 7 at RWM. We tried Stackers for the first time because they offer really good smelling burgers ( Like you can smell it from the escalator ! ) I ordered Chicken Nuggets and Fries and Honey ordered Stackers Burger. The food tasted good however, the burger was messy to eat. The price? Not so bad. Somehow close to that of Brother's Burger I think. It's a nice place to eat at when you're into finger foods and not-so-heavy meals as they offer great snacks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food review: Stavro's @ Festival Mall

My Sister, Mom and my Brother Jet

My mom's birthday was last November 19 but since it fell on a Friday, we decided to just have our dinner out on a Saturday. We went to Festival Mall and durirng our " quest " for something different in the town, we decided to try the newly opened Stavro's serving Mediterranean Food and Kebab. Here are some photos of the food.

 Chicken Tikka
  Greek Salad
  the dessert
  Pana Cotta ( Did I remember it right? )
 ... and we finished it all!!!!
Stavro's Kebab and Mediterranean House

Overall, food was great but the price is expensive! hahaha. But nevertheless, we enjoyed the food as it they offered something that our tastebuds had been craving for!!! :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Birthday Cake ( November 01, 2010 )

That was a birthday cake I gave for Mark during his 30th birthday. This was made by Cake n' Take in Sucat. Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Filling. yummy!!! :-D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Food Review: Lydia's Lechon@SM Southmall

Mom, slow down on the Paella

Yummy Paella

Lydai's Lechon is known for Lechon so I was surprised that they serve good Paella. :-) For the price of 130 Pesos, you'll be full and satisfied. :-)

Food Review: Royal Carribean@ A-venue, Makati

Iced Tea

Baked Mac

Buffalo Wings

I was @ A-venue last night to spend time because it's Friday and I want to chillax because I'll be having my exam the following day. So, while waiting for Honey to wrap up his event coverage, I stayed at the Royal Carribean to eat. The Mac wasn't that good but the Iced Tea and the Buffalo Wings are the BEST!!! I super love how the sauce for the Buffalo Wings tasted. ALL ORIGINAL Carribean style. :-) And the Iced Tea is a lot tastier than other iced teas I've ever had in the Philippines so far. I wanted to try their patties but I was so full already. I might go back to try more. :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food Review: Kikufuji-Little Tokyo, Makati

The Menu

Went to Little Tokyo in Makati last night. I was so starving that I wanted to eat something heavy and different. When my boyfriend picked me up, we went to Kikufuji for some yummy dinner.

 Which Meal?
I never thought sitting on the floor would be this good. =)

Japanese Stuff all over =)
It was hard to pick which food to eat basically because the menu is offering Japanese food and really, we don't know what Ebi is and what the others were so we opted for the waitress' suggestion.

Are you ready? :-)

Here's the food we got!!!! :-)

I can't remember a single word on what this is called, but basically, this is with wasabi,half cooked shrimp,squid and fish and a lot of half cooked seafood that tastes really good. :-)

And this, stir fried (I guess) fish, eggplant, squid and shrimp with sweet sauce. Heavy Meal!!!!!

Both meals were served with warm soup. Very yummy and the price is just right for such yummy authentic meal. I also love the ambience there because it made me feel like I'm in Japan. I am partly Japanese but I've never been to Japan so honestly, it made me feel like home. It was the first restaurant that I've been to where you have to remove your shoes and eat while sitting on the floor with a super low table. Man, very Japanice!!! :-) Plus the fact that there were waitresses wearing kimonos and authentic Japanese people having dinner. I would rate this place as A+

Happy and Full!!! :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Sports Grill-Greenbelt 3

 Potato Skins

 Pepperoni Pizza

 Angel Hair Pomodoro

I sooooooooooo love the food in National Sports Grill. WINNER!!!!!!!! Plus, they offer bottomless iced tea. Sweet!!! All these, good for around 3 people ( I went there with my boyfriend and we were starving much so we managed to finish them all! )

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food Trip: Starbucks Festival Mall with Raven Williams (My Bestfriend)

Coffee Jelly Frapp and Cinnamon Swirl

Raven Williams has been my bestfriend since high school. We haven't seen each other for years until finally, yesterday, we found time to meet up and catch up on a lot of things.

I arrived at the meeting place earlier than him so I decided to grab food. I ordered my favorite coffee jelly frapp from starbucks and a cinnamon swirl. I haven't had breakfast yet when i got there so i was definitely starving. Anyway, few minutes after I arrived raven came in and ordered strawberry frapp( not sure if that's what it's called ) and a croissant. We had a great time chatting with each other. :-)

Food trip: Healthy Breakfast at Home

Healthy Morning! let me just share how special our breakfast at home was just last Sunday. Mom created a healthy breakfast by preparing sandwhich. It wasn't just an ordinary home-made sandwhich. It was a healthy and yummy sandwhich. In the form of wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes and chicken fillet honey mustard and cheese, we enjoyed breakfast at it's best at home( not to mention a warm cup of coffee, fresh milk and choco drink which we all decided to have ). Super Yummy!!! A sandwhich made me full. :-)

Very good for those who are on a diet. :-)

Food Trip: Monthsary at ARMY NAVY(Alabang)

It was our 16th Month together and since my Honey and I are very much busy with work the whole week, we decided to just celebrate the 16th month in Army Navy-Alabang where we can eat great burritos and burgers. :-)

Burritos, Burger, Iced Tea, Can of Diet Coke and Fries :-)

What's nice about the place is that it makes you feel comfortable about yourself regardless if you eat there wearing your "pambahay" or if you're wearing your office attire since your from the office and went straight there to grab a great dinner. The taste of the food is also great. honey got the beef burritos and I got the burger. I tried their chicken burritos as well and it's uber delicious too!

Food Trip: Karate Kid


Honey and I went to SM Southmall for dinner. We really haven't decided where to eat but as we were walking the ambiance of Karate Kid invited us... and so here are some of the food we ate there...

 That's beef with Egg.. I forgot what it's called sorry...

Chicken Teriyaki.. yum!yum!
Let's not forget the California Maki :-)

And so, once again our big appetite was fulfilled! :-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My New Food Blog


This is my new food blog. I created this for the reason that I forgot the password and email address for the other blog that I created for my food trip( But anyway, still glad that  can create a new one with the same theme: FOOD. :-)

Anj Saura