Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mango Smoogee, Iced Chocolano, Teriyaki Sandwhich and Kani Sandwhich

Weekends. Instead of me partying somewhere with friends, for several months now, I declare myself  totally behaved :P kidding! hahaha. Well, seriously speaking, I have been so laid back lately. Not wanting to go to crowded places or places with loud music. Instead, I am now enjoying weekends at home. Either cooking or maybe eating out with Mom and the rest of the family. My favorite date is my Mom. Well, I ask her out, pay for everything and somehow, it is very fulfilling. :) Mom and I spent a great amount of time in the mall last Saturday and decided to eat at Tokyo Cafe ( I love taking Mom to restos/food stores that she hasn't been to and wanted her to try some food that I have tried ). As you can see in the pic above, we had sandwhiches mainly because we were there around 3PM and just wanted to sit and chat so sandwhiches and cold drinks are the best companions! :)

What I like about Tokyo Cafe is that the servings were big. Mom and I got so full! Plus the venue of Tokyo Cafe in SM Southmall is quite good because it's not crowded and the vibe is relaxing. I really love my afternoons with Mom. <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pole Dancing + Diet

Me trying to climb the pole before doing the Dream Girls position
I recently joined a Pole Dancing Class. Actually, I've been wanting to join that class since last year. I have been a fan of dances like ballroom, belly dancing, folk dance and modern dance since I was young and I have actually performed some of those dances since I started going to school. This time though, my goal wasn't to just have fun but also to keep myself fit. I have been so busy with work and honestly speaking, sitting for 8 hours then eating can make a girl like me fat. gawd.

I learned that this dance can help you tone your body--- I'm so up for it! I wanted to tone my arms and have abs so this is a good one! ;) I really don't intend to be thin. Thin is not good ( at least in my eyes hahaha ) and I've been a "curvy" girl ever since having wide hips and luckily, I am not flat-chested either :P so yeah, toning is my goal.

Now for my diet, I am planning to do a veggie diet for a month to see if there will be some improvements on my size. I did mention I am not planning to be thin but I plan to lose a bit of weight so toning will be easier.

Wish me luck in this new challenge! :) As well, HAPPY EATING to everyone! :)
Thai food for an afternoon of bonding with Mom. ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Lunch and Gyoza Dinner with Ken


Lunch at the "Fish Place" or so how he liked to call it. haha! ( Peace Ken! )
Meeting your new boss for the first time was one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences I had when I was in Tokyo. I just had to post this. hahaha. Anyway, as you know, 2 weeks after I arrived, Marco resigned and my world seemed to fall apart ( really Anj? THAT emotional? ) Ok. I might be exaggerating. But who can describe my sadness? But, I was glad to be given a new boss to work with starting... well, as soon as he got back from Italy. So anyway, the day he got back in the office, I had to have lunch with him at least to talk or something because we haven't seen each other personally in the past and we totally do not know much about each other. True enough, we had so much to talk about. It was a fun lunch but for some reason, I cannot eat. I was nervous and I didn't know what to feel. I'm a shy person. REALLY. So meeting him for the first time and having lunch was something I have never imagined. EVER.

Good thing, as the comfort level moved up, eating with him was a lot better. I took a picture of the gyoza, as you can see above. That was the day we went to Shinjuku to look for a smartphone that he likes. Mind you, we checked so may stores before he decided. wahahaha. But it was fun. He was checking out phones and I was busy checking out people's clothes. Street fashion. :)

What's food got to do with it? Well, for one... I have realized that it's better to eat with someone you are comfortable with. But still a lot better to eat with someone than eat alone. :)

Happy eating! :)

Brother Long Legs and Daddy Long Legs!

Crepe I ate in Chiba. Yummy

Beer somwhere... Neil what's the place called again?

Ali-Bab lunch with Marco

Gyudon Lunch with Marco

RICE MEAL from a Hawaiian place near the office

Neil's Taco Rice. Looking good eh?

Havana's Daiquiri and Mojito in Roponggi with Marco, Todd, Ty and Maxi
What's Tokyo without spending time with 2 of my closest friends? Daddy Long Legs a.k.a. Neil and Brother Long Legs a.k.a Marco. Hehehe :) Some lunches and nights/days out spent with these guys. AMAZING. They are the coolest I've ever met. Mind you, Neil is 6ft 3in tall and Marco is 6ft 4in tall which made me look like a dwarf or maybe their kid? Kidding. But yeah. They are the guys I have worked with for the longest time in my current company and they are one of the nicest people I've ever met. I am very happy to get the chance to spend time with them during my stay in Tokyo. :)

Lunch Date For My Last Friday in Tokyo

Red Velvet cake From Bubby's is <3
Bubby's in Arkhills is definitely the place to go on my last lunch before the early flight the following morning and ofcourse, I spent it with 2 of my closest girl friends in Tokyo, Leilani and Hanako. Had the time to talk about so many things plus the chance to eat great food which I will always crave for when I get back. :)

Sushi Night With Ken and Ryo

Tea.... hmmmm.... :)

Look at our plates.... looks like we ate a lot!

Thanks for the dessert, Ken! <3 
For my last Thursday night, Ken decided to take me to a nice sushi place and Ryo joined us too so it was really fun! It was my first time to eat so many sushi.... it made me happy! <3 I know, I know. Just a simple thing but I'm that kind of person. hahaha. What made me even happier was the fact that Ken also bought Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream Ice cream for dessert. What more can I say? :) Perfect Thursday night right? :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Last Night In Tokyo

Colten, Me, Sai Yuki, Nina and Louis -- My housemates in the Sakura House

Leonidas Pralines in Daikanyama

My friend MP taking shots of the pralines we bought

sweet! <3

Hacienda Del Cielo in Daikanyama

Frozen Margarita!

Nachos with Avocado

see my view? ;)

Cafe Michael Angelo in Daikanyama

Had lunch one Sunday afternoon at Daikanyama. It was my first time there and I was amazed with the coziness of the place. Food was also great. The soup and the sandwhich were amazing. To top it off, we had capuccino. So relaxing. Price we paid for this meal was around 1500JPY only or 750Php.

Dessert and Yakiniku with Ken & His Friends

Reminded me so much of Halo-Halo in the Philippines! Special thanks to  Shintaro and his dad!

This is one special post. SPECIAL -- get it? haha. No, seriously. Well, reason why I said this is special is because it was my first time to actually try Yakiniku. All thanks to my new boss, Ken. It was great bonding with him and 2 friends of his from the sport he attends during the weekend. I was very thankful to get the chance to meet them. They did make my stay in Japan quite special because they have been so nice to me.

The night we had yakiniku was so fun. Despite the fact that Ken's friends are having  hard time communicating with me using English, they tried their best to talk to me. They even joked about me being a chocolate girl because Ken said he caught me with a pack of chocolates in my desk which makes me lose my appetite for proper food during lunch and dinner. :P

As well, they are laughing because I have pictures all over google! It was hard to explain what I was doing in the past but yeah, some of my modelling pics are still on google images. But modelling seems so long ago! haha!

Also, I realized how "fun" my boss can be outside of work. Being a new assistant to him ( after Marco left ), was a whole new adjustment for me. Knowing his friends made me feel welcomed and accepted. It was a great start and hopefully, we can be an effective team, just as how Marco and I were.

Itadakimasu! :)

Two Rooms in Aoyama


Eggs Benedict (drooling!)

Me, Hanako and Manuel
For my last weekend in Tokyo, they decided to take me somwhere posh. Somewhere classy. Two Rooms in Aoyama! The ambience of the place is so laid back. Soft music on the background. You can see their open kitchen and they have tables outside if you're up to enjoying a breezy afternoon while dining. Saturday was jampacked so we only got to reserve a table for 3 inside. You got it. You have to make a reservation because places like this is always full specially on weekends.

Food was served in couple of minutes. We had fruits to start with then eggs benedict. By the way, it was my first time to try Eggs Benedict. As per Manuel's suggestion, we did it as half salmon, half ham. Got to compare the taste and the one with salmon, I think tasted better. After that we had tea/coffee. Price for dining here is 3500JPY which is 1750PHP but definitely worth it.

Hello Kitty Cookies

What's Japan without Hello Kitty right? Yup, Japan and Hello Kitty have always been linked. True enough, I saw this awesome store in Odaiba which sells Hello Kitty cookies! I wasn't able to try it though because of the amazing long line as if it was just the store opening. sigh. Anyway, it looks good plus you can see how they make it. Ain't that interesting? :)

Fuji and Ramen Love Affair

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