Saturday, October 23, 2010

Food Review: Lydia's Lechon@SM Southmall

Mom, slow down on the Paella

Yummy Paella

Lydai's Lechon is known for Lechon so I was surprised that they serve good Paella. :-) For the price of 130 Pesos, you'll be full and satisfied. :-)

Food Review: Royal Carribean@ A-venue, Makati

Iced Tea

Baked Mac

Buffalo Wings

I was @ A-venue last night to spend time because it's Friday and I want to chillax because I'll be having my exam the following day. So, while waiting for Honey to wrap up his event coverage, I stayed at the Royal Carribean to eat. The Mac wasn't that good but the Iced Tea and the Buffalo Wings are the BEST!!! I super love how the sauce for the Buffalo Wings tasted. ALL ORIGINAL Carribean style. :-) And the Iced Tea is a lot tastier than other iced teas I've ever had in the Philippines so far. I wanted to try their patties but I was so full already. I might go back to try more. :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food Review: Kikufuji-Little Tokyo, Makati

The Menu

Went to Little Tokyo in Makati last night. I was so starving that I wanted to eat something heavy and different. When my boyfriend picked me up, we went to Kikufuji for some yummy dinner.

 Which Meal?
I never thought sitting on the floor would be this good. =)

Japanese Stuff all over =)
It was hard to pick which food to eat basically because the menu is offering Japanese food and really, we don't know what Ebi is and what the others were so we opted for the waitress' suggestion.

Are you ready? :-)

Here's the food we got!!!! :-)

I can't remember a single word on what this is called, but basically, this is with wasabi,half cooked shrimp,squid and fish and a lot of half cooked seafood that tastes really good. :-)

And this, stir fried (I guess) fish, eggplant, squid and shrimp with sweet sauce. Heavy Meal!!!!!

Both meals were served with warm soup. Very yummy and the price is just right for such yummy authentic meal. I also love the ambience there because it made me feel like I'm in Japan. I am partly Japanese but I've never been to Japan so honestly, it made me feel like home. It was the first restaurant that I've been to where you have to remove your shoes and eat while sitting on the floor with a super low table. Man, very Japanice!!! :-) Plus the fact that there were waitresses wearing kimonos and authentic Japanese people having dinner. I would rate this place as A+

Happy and Full!!! :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Sports Grill-Greenbelt 3

 Potato Skins

 Pepperoni Pizza

 Angel Hair Pomodoro

I sooooooooooo love the food in National Sports Grill. WINNER!!!!!!!! Plus, they offer bottomless iced tea. Sweet!!! All these, good for around 3 people ( I went there with my boyfriend and we were starving much so we managed to finish them all! )