Saturday, June 1, 2013

Smiling :)

Happy Sunday people! :) I hope everyone's having a great time today. <3 <3 <3

Movie Stars Cafe with Mom

Delicious Pasta Italiana, Redondo beach, Four seasons drink and Grape Juice <3

me and my Mojito

Obviously, I was bloated. lol :) Happy Tummy!
Movie Stars Cafe was unexpected. Initially, I thought it was one ordinary restaurant with crews in costume serving customers. However, as soon as we entered, the magic began! They played "Footloose" and the crew were all dancing, just like in the movie! Not just that, the food we ordered ( they have huge servings. Always good for 2) were amazing. Pasta Italiana came with 2 meatballs and the taste was just perfect! Not too sour for a tomato based pasta and it's too addicting we can't stop eating it. next we also ordered Redondo beach which was actually finger foods consist of grilled veggies and shrimp, shrimp fillet with sweet and spicy sauce plus potato chips. The grilled shrimp was my favorite! <3

We had 2 rounds of drinks because their juices were also good! Four seasons and grape juice for the first round and mango juice and mojito for the 2nd round. The mojito was served in a fishbowl-like glass and the taste was great! Perfect for someone who doesn't like their drink to come too strong or too soda-like. :)

All in all, I believe that this place is recommendable specially for people who likes some good entertainment over dinner! :)

Happy 25th Birthday To Me!

** Food from Sbarro and cake from Goldilocks <3

Krazy Garlik with Kath (ATC Branch)